As the leaves turn golden and the air takes on a crisper note, there's no better time to embrace the warm and inviting spirit of autumn with a cup of Ronnefeldt tea.

The Magnificent 7 – Teas for Autumn!


As autumn paints the world in hues of red and gold, there’s no better way to celebrate the season’s arrival than by sipping on a warm, comforting cup of Ronnefeldt tea. From the rich, aromatic notes of classic black teas to the soothing herbal infusions, Ronnefeldt offers an exclusive collection of teas that capture the essence of autumn. Here are some of the finest selections available at the Ronnefeldt World of Tea Shop:

1. Ronnefeldt Assam Broken Golden Tips

As autumn settles in, the robust and malty flavour of Ronnefeldt Assam Broken Golden Tips tea provides the perfect companion. This classic black tea, hailing from the renowned Assam region, boasts a rich, invigorating taste that awakens the senses. It’s the ideal choice for crisp, autumn mornings.

2. Ronnefeldt Tea Couture® Earl Grey

For lovers of sophistication, Ronnefeldt Tea Couture® Earl Grey is the epitome of timeless elegance. This black tea, delicately infused with the fragrant essence of bergamot, delivers a harmonious balance of citrusy brightness and dark, comforting tea. It’s a tea that complements autumn’s contemplative mood perfectly. The packaging looks amazing  – perfect to showcase in your kitchen!

3. Ronnefeldt Orange & Mint Kiss

As autumn afternoons turn cool, embrace the invigorating refreshment of Ronnefeldt Orange & Mint Kiss. The bright and citrusy notes of orange complement the cool and soothing taste of mint, creating a perfect balance of flavours. It’s like a breath of fresh air on a brisk autumn day.

4. Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Mountain Herbs

Autumn often calls for a moment of serenity, and Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Mountain Herbs offers just that. This herbal infusion combines a selection of calming herbs, including chamomile and lemon balm. It’s the perfect choice for winding down after a long day of enjoying the season’s beauty. Certified Organic.

5. Ronnefeldt Morning Dew®

Capture the essence of dew-kissed autumn mornings with Ronnefeldt Morning Dew®. This light and delicate green tea offers a gentle, nuanced flavour that embodies the crispness of the season. It’s a tea that allows you to start your day with clarity and calm.

6. Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Peppermint

For a pure and invigorating tea experience, Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Peppermint is an autumn essential. This herbal infusion features nothing but the bright, refreshing taste of peppermint leaves. It’s caffeine-free and ideal for sipping throughout the day, providing a burst of minty freshness.

7. Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea® Masala Chai

Autumn mornings call for the invigorating spiciness of Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea® Masala Chai. This classic Indian blend combines black tea with a tantalizing medley of cinnamon, ginger, star anise, fennel, and cloves. A sip of this aromatic tea will warm your soul and awaken your senses on even the chilliest of days.

Autumn’s Finest Sips

As the seasons change, Ronnefeldt’s exclusive tea collection invites you to embrace the unique charm of autumn. Whether you prefer the robustness of Assam Broken Golden Tips, the timeless allure of Tea Couture® Earl Grey, the enchanting inner warmth of Masala Chai, or the soothing qualities of Mountain Herbs, each tea embodies the essence of this beautiful season. Visit the Ronnefeldt World of Tea Shop to discover these and more exquisite autumn teas, and elevate your seasonal moments with every sip.

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