Inspired Wellness Teas

Ronnefeldt World Of Tea offers high-end wellness tea which is perfect for anyone who needs some time to relax.

Our carefully selected range of the highest quality wellness teas and infusions bring moments of exquisite pleasure from the finest tea gardens around the world into your favourite tea cup.

Try our detoxifying range of Green teas, Lemon & ginger to help digestion, Camomile to help with your sleep patterns, or our antioxidant rich Matcha teas.

Our new BIO Organic range will ensure you start your day on an Inspired Wellness path.

Ronnefeldt World Of Tea – inspiring wellness one cup at a time.

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“Our aim is to do the environment good and reduce the burden caused by our products to a minimum or even, if possible, to zero.”

800% natural enjoyment tea

100% Organic, Eco-Friendly & Vegan

We proudly introduce the new, 100% natural tea delight from Ronnefeldt! We aspire to offering prime quality in harmony with nature and the environment. We therefore blend traditional and trendy tea compositions featuring the finest ingredients with a sense of responsibility for our ecosystem.

Our aim is to do the environment good and reduce the burden caused by our products to a minimum or even, if possible, to zero. We have therefore developed 100% as our first product range which is entirely organic and vegan as well as 100% biodegradable or recyclable or both.

The result is not only exquisite tea enjoyment as with any tea from Ronnefeldt, but also the peace of mind and wellness that we are living up to our aspirations. See for yourself. Experience pure enjoyment with a clear conscience!

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“The ingredients used for our 100% wellness teas are sown, nurtured, watered and harvested in gardens which are certified organic. Each and every variety is a veritable treat for all the senses, from traditional tea varieties such as English Breakfast through to fruit infusion with juicy papaya.”

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Green Matcha Teas

Matcha, the tea of teas – this fine, green powder is used for the traditional preparation of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, with its roots in Zen Buddhism.

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Organic Quality

Organically cultivated products are becoming increasingly popular. Ronnefeldt meets this demand with a large selection of organic teas.

The organic label guarantees controlled organic cultivation, i.e. the tea is grown without genetic modifications and without the use of chemical and synthetic pesticides.

Moreover, we have all of our teas tested for residues at accredited German laboratories.

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“We apply the highest quality standards for selecting and using all packaging materials. Most of our paper and wood-based materials that are used, for example, for the boxes and labels of our LeafCup®, Tea-Caddy® and Joy of Tea® products are FSC® certified and come from sustainable forestry.”

Ethical Tea Partnership

Since 2013 we have been a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), a non-profit organisation that works in specific tea growing countries to promote socially and environmentally sustainable business practices.

ETP audits tea producers and small farmers on a regular basis and helps them locally to meet internationally recognised standards.

ETP’s work improves the progress that is being made towards attaining the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in tea-growing regions.

As well as supporting communities on the ground with our programmes across Africa and Asia, ETP also leads the sustainability agenda through piloting business innovations and influencing policy.

Ronnefeldt supports these efforts by purchasing its raw materials preferably from ETP certified tea gardens.

ethical tea partnership

“We are creating a fairer, more sustainable tea industry for tea workers, farmers and their families as well as the environment.
To date, our work has reached over one million people.”


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