Sustainability: A Prior Core of Ronnefeldt

For nearly 200 years, Ronnefeldt has been known for an unique taste of tea. No distance is too great and no tea garden too far away for us – our passion for tea and the highest quality standards have guided us since Johann Tobias Ronnefeldt founded the company in 1823.

For generations we have done business in a fair and sustainable manner, because we care deeply about having a good conscience towards nature and society.

This means fostering an atmosphere of respect, trust and responsibility in our daily interactions. Our first sustainability report shows our clients, employees and other interested parties how serious we taking the subject of sustainability.

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“Our tea tasters are highly trained experts and connoisseurs with a keen sense of taste. Using all their senses they examine and taste the prepared tea as well as fruits and herbs, blending these into creations that meet the most discerning tastes of tea lovers all over the world.”

Controlled Materials

We apply the highest quality standards for selecting and using all packaging materials. Most of our paper and wood-based materials that are used, for example, for the boxes and labels of our LeafCup®, Tea-Caddy® and Joy of Tea® products are FSC® certified and come from sustainable forestry.

We also limit our use of materials to what is actually needed.

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“We produce our black tea in several steps using orthodox methods. First the tea is carefully harvested by hand in a continuously monitored process and according to the global principle – two leaves and one bud. The fresh green leaves enter the five-step process of orthodox tea production immediately after harvesting. “

Naturally guided by passion and responsibility

The Ronnefeldt sustainability report.

Tea is grown throughout the world. Unfortunately, the environmental standards in many of these countries are often low. For Ronnefeldt, organic production is particularly relevant, since the raw material tea as a primary product is affected by climate change and environmental pollution. This has an impact on the foundation on which our business is built.

This is why it is important to us to procure many different varieties in organic quality and to minimise our use of resources and packaging materials. To ensure environmental protection in the growing regions we subject our suppliers to mandatory requirements regarding compliance with the statutory provisions on plant protection products and pollutants.

Would you like to find out more about sustainability? Then download our sustainability report.

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Variety and Premium Quality for Our Clients

We take responsibility for our products seriously throughout every stage of production: The health of our clients is always the highest priority for us.

  • We comply with the EU Health Claims Regulation and make no claims as to the effectiveness of our products.
  • We adhere to the EU Food Information Regulation and communicate all ingredients, allergens, nutritional values and batch numbers.
  • Independent, accredited laboratories test our teas for consistently high quality.
  • Non-food items and materials are tested for food safety.
  • Our production in Worpswede is kosher and halal certified.
  • Our hygiene management system is HACCP compliant.
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“We are constantly working on ways to make it possible for our clients to experience the many facets of tea. Important factors here include: You need to be patient and passionate if you want to make it in the tea business. We promote sustainability in our daily actions and business relationships and take a long-term approach – just like our founder Johann Tobias Ronnefeldt did. “


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