Teapot Duet® Design Boston 1.1L, Grey


BREDEMEIJER PRODUCTS – (Produced in the Netherlands)

Teapot Duet® Design Boston 1.1L, Grey

The Boston teapot owes its modern appearance to the combination of matte grey stainless steel, glossy lid and the wooden look of the handle and lid.

A real eye-catcher on the kitchen table! Boston is made of high-quality metal and has a double insulating wall.

This ensures the temperature and flavour of the tea are retained for up to as long as an hour (if the teapot is kept at least 90% full).

The specially designed spout makes for smooth pouring with no dribble.

Thanks to the high-quality metal, the teapot will last for years.

The pot can hold 1.1 litres which is the same as 5 cups of tea.

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The Bredemeijer® history goes back to 1914. In that year, Mr G. Bredemeijer founded a metal ware factory for household products.

The factory was located in the central Netherlands, in the historic centre of the town of Hilversum.

The idea to create a revolutionary type of teapot arose in the 1950s. This teapot would keep the tea hot and tasty for a longer period.

The concept of the double-walled teapot resulted in the development of a complicated process consisting of no less than 140 steps. The first ever double-walled teapot still exists. Naturally, many new models have been added to the collection.

The Duet® Bella Ronde and the Minuet® Santhee, for example, have become real classics in their own right!

Today, the Bredemeijer® collection comprises nearly 100 different teapots in a wide variety of materials, from stainless steel to cast iron and from ceramic to heat-resistant glass.

The collection offers something for everyone. In addition to teapots, Bredemeijer® also has an extensive range of accessories for making a perfect cup of tea. For example filters, glasses, and coasters. Bredemeijer® products are sold worldwide.

Mercado 52 Gourmet, Ireland. is one of the partner distributors of Bredemeijer® products in Ireland.

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1.1 litre