Hotels in Ireland and the UK

Whether you offer a buffet or serve breakfast at the table, Ronnefeldt World Of Tea has the perfect tea programme for your hotel, and we provide everything that goes along with it.

We have the ideal concepts for brief moments of enjoyment or sophisticated and lengthy hours of pleasure – for every requirement and size, with solutions for everything from self-service to catering by your staff.

From afternoon tea to high tea with charming British-style treats – let Ronnefeldt World Of Tea help you come up with the best concept for your hotels and select your teas and equipment from our extensive range.

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“You get the best Ronnefeldt World Of Tea service with a focus on advice for our extensive range of products, individual concepts and personal support from our tea consultants.
In addition to various tea solutions, our wide range of products also includes the right presentation options for hotels.”

Serving Ireland and the UK

Ronnefeldt World Of Tea is an authorised dealer for Ronnefeldt in Ireland and the UK.

Ronnefeldt World Of Tea has gained a wealth of experience through many years of worldwide cooperation with international partners in the hotel and restaurant industry. Our expertise allows us to respond to the most diverse requirements and challenges in a targeted manner and provide tailor-made concepts that are as unique as your guests.

We know the best way to delight your guests as never before. Client satisfaction is our top priority: We place great emphasis on aesthetics, excellent tea taste and the right presentation for every occasion.

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“No matter what type, size or individual concept you have for your hotel or restaurant, Ronnefeldt World of Tea supports you to offer the most enjoyable tea experience. Providing comprehensive support is a top priority to us – not just with our perfect assortment and accessories, but also with the right presentation. A partnership with Ronnefeldt World Of tea will pay off in the long run.”


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