Heady combination of fruits and spice

Spice up YOUR own morning tea ceremony with our delectable selections of Ronnefeldt World Of Teas.

Sweet Ginger

The pleasant spiciness of ginger, turmeric root and galangal rounded off with a sweet, fruity apple note.

Herbs & Ginger

The very first sip spreads pleasant warmth, enveloped in an unusually lovely, full herbal taste.

Ginger Twist

The light sweetness of the quince meets the pleasant heat of the ginger: fragrant, light green and fresh.

Tea Couture® Herbs & Ginger

Find YOUR Inner warmth. Perfectly balanced herbal mixture that activates all the senses with ginger, anise, fennel, liquorice root, lemongrass, black peppercorns, cinnamon pieces, chamomile flowers, sweet blackberry leaves, rose blossoms and lemon.


Magical contrasts in taste. Sweet forest honey, juicy lemon and a subtle note of ginger. A harmonious symphony on white tea, with a slight spiciness and fruity sweetness.

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